Safe Lubricant Waterbased

Safe Lubricant Waterbased is a skin-friendly lubricant made from high quality water based ingredients. This silky-soft lubricant provides an intensification of sensibility and sexual pleasure. It can be used safely in combination with latex and slicone sex toys and is easy to clean.

Safe Lubricant Caring

Safe Lubricant Caring is an aloe vera infused lubricant for extra care. It has the perfect pH-value so it does not interfere with your body’s acidity level.

Safe Lubricant Silicone

Safe Lubricant Silicon is ideal for extra long intimate sessions. High-quality silicones stay on top of the skin and will not be absorbed, providing long-lasting lubricity.

Safe Lubricant Anal Use

Safe Lubricant Anal Use is a skin-friendly lubricant designed specifically to enjoy anal sex with zero uncomfortable friction. The silky soft gel is made from high quality water based ingredients for the the right consistency and durablity. Safe Anal Lube can be used in combination with condoms and latex and slicone sex toys.

Safe Lubricant Performance

Developed with an orgasm-delaying formula, Safe Lubricant Performance is ideal for couples who can’t get enough of each other. For best results, apply directly onto the penis.

Safe FemmeTastique

Safe FemmeTastique is an (orgasm) stimulating gel that improves the blood flow in and around the clitoris, enhancing sensitivity. Ideal for woman who want to take foreplay and sex to the next level. Expect more frequent and more intense orgasms!

Safe Lubricant Waterbased (500ml)

Safe Lubricant Waterbased is meant for intimate use and more fun between the sheets. The 500 ml bottle is provided with a convenient pump so the lubricant can be applied easily and you can give your partner all the attention she or he deserves. Suitable for use in combination with latex condoms and sex toys.

Safe Lubricant is a high quality lubricant with CE marking and has been developed to increase pleasure and a joint intimate experience. All Safe Lubricant varieties feel soft as silk and each have a unique feature.